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Membership Application (Investigator)

Dear IAIL Members,
Now that September is behind us it is time to start making plans for the season of more COVID-19 crapolla or at least until after the election! With no travel to get togethers we are hard pressed to see our colleagues. Hopefully 2021 will be the beginning of a new era of social gatherings. Like most of you our business in down with only a few cases hanging in there.

As I mentioned last month, I went out on my first site inspection this year. When I arrived, there were 6 attorneys’ representing everything for the contractor who installed the door, the building management company, The door and lock company and of course the plaintiff. Each of these attorney’s had no less than 4 expert witnesses. We had to wait and examine the door in shifts and were not allowed to remove the lock!

What happened is that the tenant went out onto the balcony to have a cigarette in the late evening after returning from a holiday party. When she closed the door to keep the cold air from entering it automatically locked her on the 5th story balcony. It was cold being early winter and she panicked and after a time of yelling for help she tried to climb down the outside balcony when she fell to the ground and suffered multiple injuries that took almost a year to start healing.

The lock was designed to stay unlocked until the door is closed, and the thumb lever is manually thrown to activate the locking of the door. It appears that the way this is designed if you reach around behind the handle and engage the lever just enough that it unlocks the door and you leave it in this position upon closing the door may activate the mechanism to lock the door. This is a touchy situation because the lever is not designed to be in the half open position.

Once the lock is removed from the door, we’ll then be able to examine the internal components to see if any alterations have been made to the parts or if there may be excessive wear. Right now, no answer can be determined to the cause of this incident. Stay tuned for more details.

Achieving your CFL is a commitment to excellence in all you do as a forensic investigator. Whether you do a couple cases a year or 25 cases a year you are expected to treat each one with the same level of detail no matter the substance of investigation. On-going education is a must for the forensic investigator. Staying on-top of industry changing material and regulations governing this material is vital to your worth as an expert witness.

Our CFL-Architectural is now CFFDI, Certified Forensic Fire Door Inspector and we will be releasing a new logo to go along with that credential. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please contact me at, iailpresident@aloa.org.

Best regards,
Keynotes/Safes & Vaults IAIL October 2020

What is the IAIL? The International Association of Investigative Locksmiths was established to follow the principles of forensic science in lock investigation. It was founded in 1999 by retired Lieutenant James Glazier of the Montgomery County, MD, Police Department and Don Shiles, chief instructor at the U.S. Army 902nd Military Intelligence School in Ft. Meade, MD.

Each member, by their acceptance of membership in the International Association of Investigative Locksmiths, shall subscribe to the following code of ethics:

  • To pursue their professional work in the spirit of fairness to their clients, with fidelity to security in conformance with appropriateness and with high ideals of personal honor.
  • To properly and impartially analyze and examine all material which is entrusted to their custody.
  • To conduct themselves in a dignified manner at all times; to avoid using any improper or questionable methods of soliciting professional work.
  • To refrain from associating themselves with or allowing the use of their name by any enterprise of questionable character, or in any manner countenancing misrepresentation.
  • To cooperate with other investigate locksmiths through the interchange of general information and experience.
  • To cooperate with local law enforcement officials and insurance investigators in all matters relating to the cases that they are working on and to diligently pursue the education of the consumer in relation to their security.
  • To encourage and promote loyalty for the investigative locksmith profession and interest themselves in public welfare, always ready to apply their special knowledge, skill and training to enhance the security of the public.
  • To consistently abide by all applicable licensing and business regulations. All members of IAIL must also follow and abide by the ALOA SPAI code of ethics.

The Certified Forensic Locksmith (CFL) exams have been rewritten and are now available to be taken by qualified personnel. You can hold multiple CFL certificates. What’s available now are CFL-General Forensics, CFL-Safes and Vaults, CFL-Automotive and CFL-Architectural Fire Door Assembly. There are two areas that attorneys look at for: expert witness credentials and certificates.

More is better! Complete your ALOA PRP credentials and start on your CFL credential today. Big news coming up in the next paragraph! Stand by for exciting news about the IAIL Forensics Conference in 2020. Read next month’s page for the exciting details. At our conference last November, we certified five new CFLs in two different categories. There were 23 attendees at the conference, and our forensic tool mark expert thrilled everyone with two days of tool mark examination and terminology. Thank you, Beta, for these exciting classes. That brings the total up to 52 IAIL members who have earned their CFL certificate. All must recertify every three years. I will be at SAFETECH in April in Tulsa, OK, teaching the two-day mandatory class for CFL-Safes and Vaults.

For more information, please contact brian.lockoutexpress@gmail.com

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