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International Association of Automotive Locksmiths

a division of ALOA Security Professionals Association, Inc.

Why Is There A Need For A Separate Division Like The IAAL?

Locksmiths, for decades, have been called on to open, make keys for, and repair locks on automobiles. It was simply another part of the every-day work performed in the course of the job. However, beginning in the mid-1980’s with the introduction of the V.A.T.S. system on General Motors vehicles, the world of “Automotive Locksmithing” was born. While the mechanics of most locking mechanisms used in the automobile industry were familiar, the integration of electronics from the early VATS through todays transponders, Eeproms and microprocessors to enhance the security of a vehicle took automotive locksmithing to a completely different level. No longer could the general locksmith practitioner do automotive work as a simple addition to their services. Due to the rapid growth and change in these locking systems, automotive locksmithing became a specialty, requiring its own set of tools and training outside the realm of commercial/residential locksmithing.

The IAAL was formed to address these very special needs. Using the resources of the ALOA Security Professionals Association, the IAAL will offer focused training on all things automotive locksmithing related. Hands on classes at the ALOA annual conference as well as regional training throughout the year. The IAAL works closely with the manufacturers of these products to help provide factory training and get the latest updates available for its members. As technology changes, so will the IAAL training.

The Board of the IAAL through the Division bylaws will consist of Automotive Locksmiths, Automotive Industry Manufacturers and Automotive Locksmithing Instructors in order to assure the Division is represented on the ALOA Board by peers of those members it represents.

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