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The ALOA Scholarship Foundation (ASF) is an independent, educational, non-profit 501(c) (3), Tax-exempt Corporation established in 1993 to:

  • Encourage and provide for educational services, programs and materials concerning locksmithing and security devices and procedures.
  • Develop scholarship and assistance programs for persons interested in pursuing a career in the security and locksmithing field.
  • Solicit funds necessary to implement the purposes of the Foundation.
  • Perform and do any and all such other acts as are necessary, convenient and proper for the attainment of these objectives.

What are the Scholarships for?

The ALOA Scholarship Foundation can be an important source for educational funding. We support all locksmith efforts to seek education via technical training and business management from all educational providers. Scholarships are not limited to ALOA educational programs. While ALOA does have an impressive history in lock- smith training and testing, the independent ALOA Scholarship Foundation encourages locksmiths to apply for funding for any of the following industry related training:

  • A full ALOA convention package which includes: four or five full-day classes and lab fees with lunch, two evening seminars, two half-day classes and two days of exhibits
  • A full SAFETECH convention package which includes: four full-day class- es and lab fees with lunch, one day of exhibits and a Kick-Off party ticket
  • All courses offered at the Dallas Security Training Center and ALOA Certified Education classes, presentations and seminars offered at regional conventions and other facilities
  • Industry-related education via Technical training and business management programs offered by other institutions that meet the educational criteria of the ASF board
  • Limited travel and lodging to the above events may be awarded depending on individual need and funds available.

What are the Scholarships for?

The ALOA Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships for locksmith education based on several criteria, which include:

  • Individual applicants’ financial needs
  • Written statement discussing how they will benefit from the scholarship and attesting to the desire, willing- ness and ability to use such training to further themselves within the industry
  • Demonstration of commitment to the locksmith industry
  • Industry experience; those applicants applying without industry experience must submit a detailed strategic plan on how they intend to achieve their goal of building a career in the lock- smith industry
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who have personal knowledge of the applicant’s background, character and work ethic. One recommendation must be from within the locksmith industry
  • Availability to attend the event for which the award is given
  • Application forms for Scholarships are available from the ALOA website, in Keynotes magazine, at ALOA and SAVTA booths at local shows and from the ALOA office by request.

Scholarship applications for ALOA or SAFETECH conventions must be sub- mitted at least 75 days prior to the first day of the event for which the scholarship is being requested (2/1/23 for SAFETECH and 5/23/23 for the ALOA Convention).

Scholarships for other educational events must be submitted at least 40 days prior to the event being requested, in order to be given adequate consideration.

The ALOA Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors awards all scholarships within 30 days after the event deadline for submission of applications.

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