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AIL and ALOA work hard to provide the best quality education possible by offering over 200 full day instructor led training classes through regionally sponsored classes, at the annual ALOA Convention & Security Expo and through the ALOA Training Center at the ALOA headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Through the ALOA Scholarship Foundation, entry level locksmiths can apply for training assistance.

AIL's certification program (PRP) provides a standard of knowledge and technical proficiency by which locksmiths can be recognized.


AIL conducts training to achieve certification in many different formats that include over 100 classes at the annual ALOA Convention, at contracted regional conventions and at many locally sponsored weekend seminars throughout the year. A schedule of ALOA certified class presentations is on our website. ALOA also provides a bookstore where members can purchase books. We are currently in the process of developing several additional distance-learning opportunities as well.

ALOA has certified over 4,000 locksmiths nationwide with an additional 2,900 who are presently in the early stages of certification. ALOA provides the licensing exam for the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board and has worked with other city and state agencies in setting up their qualifications for locksmith hiring and requirements for licensing.

ALOA offers a PRP Resource Guide that provides more in depth information about each of the locksmith categories as well as references for study. ALOA also offers the Safe Technicians Reference Manual for those who are preparing for the CPS or CMST certification levels.

You may order this from the online Store.

If you need further clarification of the above information, or have specific questions, please contact the PRP department by calling the AIL office at 800-532-ALOA.

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The ALOA Scholarship Foundation (ASF) is an independent, educational, non-profit 501(c)(3), tax-exempt corporation established in 1993 to:
  • Encourage and provide for educational services, programs and materials concerning locksmithing and security devices and procedures.
  • Develop scholarship and assistance programs for persons interested in pursuing a career in the security and locksmithing field.
  • Solicit funds necessary to implement the purposes of the Foundation.
  • Perform and do any and all such other acts as are necessary, convenient and proper for the attainment of these objectives.Encourage and provide for educational services, programs and materials concerning locksmithing and security devices and procedures.

What are the Scholarships for?

ASF can be an important source for educational funding. We support all locksmith efforts to seek education via technical training and business management from all locksmith/security educational providers. Scholarships are not limited to AIL educational programs. While AIL does have an impressive history in locksmith training and testing, the independent ALOA Scholarship Foundation encourages locksmiths to apply for funding for any of the following industry related training:

  • A full ALOA convention class package, including, 4 full day classes, 2 half day classes, 2 evening seminars, admission for all 3 days of the security expo, admission to the kickoff party and a banquet ticket.
  • A full SAVTA convention class package, including 4 full day classes, evening seminars,2 days of the security expo, admission to the kickoff party and a banquet ticket.
  • Sponsored AIL Certified Class presentations approved by the Foundation Board.
  • Other locksmith/security training provided by education facilities approved by the Foundation Board.

Selection Criteria

ASF awards scholarships for locksmith education based on several criteria that includes:

  • Individual applicants financial needs
  • Character
  • Aptitude for the skills necessary in locksmithing
  • Demonstration of a desire for a career in locksmithing
  • Availability to attend the event for which the award is given
  • Demonstrated commitment to the locksmith industry
  • Letters of recommendation from locksmith industry references
  • Previous Scholarship awards

Application forms for scholarships are available by clicking here, in Keynotes magazine, in ALOA booths at local shows and from the ALOA office by request. Scholarship applications for Safetech or ALOA Convention must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the first day of the event for which the scholarship is being requested. Scholarships for other educational events must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event being requested, in order to be given adequate consideration. Scholarships are awarded within two weeks of the deadline for submission for each event. ASF Board of Directors awards all scholarships fifteen days after the deadline for submission of applications.

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Online Education

STAM Multimedia Inc.

AIL has partnered with STAM Multimedia Inc to offer Web Based Training (WBT) courses on the latest security technology – a new and innovative way to learn, train and improve skills and knowledge. Learn at your own pace, place & time with 24/7 access.

There are currently five different web based training courses available that cover the latest security technology.

  • CCTV-A Complete Review
  • Digital Video & Networking
  • Fiber Optics Technology
  • Biometrics Technology
  • Basic Electricity

Click here for more info.

Other useful tools include:

  • CCTV Calculators
  • CCTV Quizzes
  • CCTV Articles
  • CCTV Glossary

With the popularity of security industry certifications and the efforts and expense that goes into achieving these designations, it's critical that security professionals meet all their continuing education requirements. Failure to do so can mean the loss of a valuable certification credential, job-related stress and – in some cases – fines and legal issues. features a full lineup of courses by and for security professionals, from continuing education for the maintenance of certifications by AIL, NSCA, NICET, NBFAA, BICSI and more, to unique custom content such as Charlie Pierce's online CCTV training and IP Networking training through the online Physical Security Network Associate Certification Training series.

AIL is making available to you a comprehensive solution for continuing education – As an AIL member , you will receive an additional 20% discount on all courses you purchase. Just log in to the AIL members only webpage and use the AIL SecurityCEU discount code that is listed there.

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