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What is AIL?

ALOA Institutional Locksmiths is a division of ALOA Security Professionals Association, Inc. It meets the unique needs of the Institutional locksmith along with some of the needs of the members institution.

AIL is the largest group of institutional locksmiths in the world. While AIL is driven by a board made up of persons who work full time as institutional locksmiths, it is also backed up by the strengths of the ALOA-SPAI board and the professional staff.

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What is the structure of AIL?

Because AIL was created to meet the unique needs of institutional locksmiths, AIL can have a small board. Currently the main board is made up of two member directors: one elected as President - who sits on the ALOA board - and one Director that serves as chair of that committee Manufacturers & Distributors Committee. AIL also has one Trustee.

There are also two advisory committees: One made up of active members and one made up of representatives from the manufacturers and distributors. If you would like to serve on either of these committees please contact us.

The small structure gives members direct contact with the people who guide AIL and makes the board easy to adapt to meet the needs of its members.

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How is AIL different from ALOA SPAI?

AIL is part of ALOA SPAI. All members of AIL are also full members of ALOA SPAI. Although we have our own board to address the needs of our members, we also have a seat on the ALOA board so members have a direct voice on the parent organization. It is like getting the best of both worlds.

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Why have a Professional Locksmith on staff?

It is all about meeting the needs of the institution. Having a locksmith on staff speeds service response times An in-house locksmith makes the institution’s security needs the priority without having to be concerned about making a profit. While having a dedicated contractor doing the locksmithing work can meet the needs of many institutions, having a professional on staff can often meet the needs of the institution better.

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Why have an AIL Locksmith on staff?

While most AIL programs are designed to help the Institutional Locksmith specifically, these programs help the member’s institution by having a better educated staff member. By employing an ALOA Institutional Locksmith, the institution gains access to up-to-date news and information affecting the security of institutions all over the country.

AIL is the largest group of institutional locksmiths in the world. The physical security needs of a single institution may seem monumental, but AIL members have access to a vast library of information, not to mention access to the AIL network of locksmiths. Whether that institution is a hospital preparing for a Joint Commission's inspection or a school looking to better protect its students, having easy access to other in-house locksmiths who deal with similar security issues makes membership in AIL a benefit to the institution.

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AIL Chapters And Affiliates

The old adage of "two heads are better than one" reminds us that much more can be accomplished when we are bonded together working towards a common goal. AIL brings this idea to life through local chapters and affiliates. Click on the links below to learn more.

AIL Chapter Chartering Information and Petition forms

Chapter Resources

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ALOA can help you set up customized training for your members.

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