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ALOA Mission Statement

The mission of ALOA, as dedicated members of the locksmith/security industry, is to ensure professional excellence and ethics; create a public demand for professional locksmith services; represent and speak for the locksmith/security industry; and expand the exchange of trade information and knowledge with other related organizations to preserve and enhance the industry.

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Membership Payments

US Regular Membership Dues - 250.00

"Go Green" US Members Dues Renewal - 225.00

Canada / International Regular Membership Dues Renewal - 265.00

"Go Green" Canada/International Members Dues Renewal - 195.00

US Members Reinstatement Dues - 320.00

"Go Green" US Members Reinstatement Dues - 295.00

"Go Green" Canada/International Members Reinstatement Dues - 355.00

Canada/International New Members Dues and Application Fee - 425.00

US "Go Green" Dues with Application Fee - 295.00

US New Member Dues with Application Fee - 320.00

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