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Fill out the application below (or print and fill out this PDF) to be considered for membership. Upon completion of the form, press submit and continue to the ALOA Store and submit payment.

Your application will not be complete until you submit payment and contact a membership representative at
1-800-532-2562 or email membership@aloa.org to complete the background check process.

Professional Information

Please check the description that best describes you. (Check all that apply)

Locksmith Owner
Electronic Security
Security Professional
Employee Technician
Locksmith/Access Control Student
Mechanical Door Locks & Hardware

If yes, License #:
Business License #:

If so, how long?
If so, please provide name, city and state of association

Please note: If you are sponsored by an ALOA member, your application will be immediately processed with a 90-day probation period. Otherwise, final processing will take 120 days.

Give names and addresses of two industry-related references or your sponsoring ALOA member and their ALOA member number

Membership Information

Active Membership: Persons actively engaged in the locksmith/access control industry for a minimum of two years and have achieved one of ALOA's recognized program designations.

International Association of Investigative Locksmiths Membership: Must be an ALOA Member in order to join the IAIL.

Probationary Membership: Persons undergoing training to qualify as an Active member, and have not received one of ALOA's recognized program designations. No person shall be a Probationary member for more than three years.

Probationary Membership - No Sponsorship Required: Persons undergoing training that are new to the industry and do not know any Active member for sponsorship. Probationary period extended from 90 days to one (1) year. Probationary status lifted if sponsor acquired within year. Must obtain license if residing in State requiring licensure. A second background check will be performed by ALOA after 2 years of the 3 year maximum term. Any violation of ALOA Code of Ethics during probationary period will result in immediate termination of membership.

Allied Membership: Persons whose position in the locksmith/acess control industry relates to locksmiths, and cannot qualify for any other class of membership.

US and US Territories $235.00 | Go Green $215.00

International $255.00 | Go Green $185.00

IAIL $50.00

Dues and Fees

An application fee and the appropriate dues must accompany the application in order for processing to begin. The dues amount for residents of the US and US Territories include a $30 Legislative Assessment Fee ($205.00 Dues and $30 Legislative Assessment Fee = $235).

Application Fees Schedule:

  • US and US Territories - $70
  • Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, New Zealand - $160
  • Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, China, France, Haiti, Philippines, UK - $210
  • Israel, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate - $360

Applicants from countries not listed must submit background check and report from local law enforcement with application.

I understand and consent that in the course of reviewing this application ALOA may review publicly available information for the purpose of verifying the information submitted and do a background check. In submitting this application I hereby certify that all statements are true and if accepted as a member, I agree to abide by the rules, regulations and Bylaws of ALOA and further agree to adopt the Code of Ethics of ALOA as my own and adhere to it to the best of my ability. Should my membership be discontinued, I agree to return my membership card and cease use of all ALOA insignia.

Contributions or gifts to the ALOA Legislative Fund are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions or as a business expense.

I Understand that my application is not yet complete. To complete, after hitting submit you must continue to the ALOA Store and submit payment as well as call us at 1-800-532-2562 or email membership@aloa.org to speak with one of our representatives and complete the background check process.

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