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ALOA Mission Statement

The mission of ALOA, as dedicated members of the locksmith/security industry, is to ensure professional excellence and ethics; create a public demand for professional locksmith services; represent and speak for the locksmith/security industry; and expand the exchange of trade information and knowledge with other related organizations to preserve and enhance the industry.

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ALOA Partners

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Certification and testing

ALOA's certification program (PRP) provides a standard of knowledge and technical proficiency by which locksmiths can be recognized.

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In an effort to assure that the ALOA Certification tests are current in their content, all testing other than that performed at the ALOA Headquarters in Dallas or at the annual conference in Orlando, will be temporarily suspended while these updates are performed. This process should take between 60 and 90 days. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Anyone needing CLL testing for licensing or for any other questions regarding this, please contact ALOA Education and Certification at

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